Dr. Erin Crisp

What is the work you would do if no one was watching? I would create innovative, engaging learning environments and experiences for people of all ages- all day every day. The co-existence of science and art exercises all of the right parts of my brain and drives me to continuously learn and try new technologies, strategies, theories, and methods.

Why do this work? Education is opportunity. Lives are changed, doors are opened, hopes are renewed, and perspectives are forever altered when a new understanding emerges or when long-held misconceptions are altered. My own children's futures depend on an educated democracy that rises up to embody empathy, generosity, and choices that serve the generations of the future.

I rarely turn down adventures or challenges. Challenge means opportunity to grow. Growth brings new awareness, and new awareness brings more opportunity to bring challenge and awareness to others. Making that which is complex (leading, designing, and evaluating education) more accessible for people of all backgrounds... this is what I am wired to do.


EDUCAUSE Review Author

June 2020

Published articles include this piece on the Leveraging Feedback Experiences, published in EDUCAUSE Review on June 1st, 2020. Feedback is a powerful construct in the design of quality online learning, and quantified dimensions of learners’ feedback experiences can be leveraged to improve effectiveness, increase efficiency, and maintain appeal in online courses.





Competency-based Education conference presenter, program reviewer, active contributor

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